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Soirée Déploiement rapide

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Soirée Déploiement rapide (présentation en Anglais)

Date et lieu

* Mercredi 13 mai 2009
* Dans les locaux de Supinfo



"How to stop waiting for build/deploy and enjoy coding again" - Also known as "Watching the logs roll by"
25 percent of developers say that their JEE projects take over two minutes to deploy, every time they want to see their changes. Since on average we deploy five times an hour, we are watching the logs roll by, or switching to email and losing focus, for more than an hour every day.

In this talk, Jevgeni Kabanov will highlight three key techniques that you can start using immediately to drop the time from hitting Ctrl+S to refresh your browser down to less than one second. We will start by discussing exploded development and some shortcuts you can take to eliminate the build scripts from your everyday life. Then we will review some ways to bypass or speed up redeployment. We will take a look at JEE redeployment, OSGi modules, special framework support that exists in Grails, Seam, Tapestry5 and RIFE, and JVM HotSwap. We will cover what you can do for free, and introduce a class reloading JVM plug-in called "JavaRebel", that solves the problem for peanuts.

After this talk, you will leave with a clear idea of at least three ways to reduce your turnaround, and measurably save your team at least an hour per day.

Intervenant : Jevgeni Kabanov

L'occasion de terminer la soirée par un moment de convivialité autour d'un buffet offert par Apside

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